A new direction

After a lengthy hiatus, I’ve decided to come back with a different take on this site moving forward.

I have a LOT of pictures lying around, and I want to share them. I’m going to use this blog to do that. I promise it won’t be like going to some relative’s house and being trapped with the obligation of flipping through the family album. I’m not a pro, but I have an eye, and I think a few of my stash deserve to be more visible than they have been.

Along with the pictures, I plan on posting more on what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. Hopefully, that will include a range of material from sysadmin projects I’m working on to permaculture implementations (as soon as we get a house with a yard) to the occasional kvetch of a frivolous nature. The old material from before will live on, and I may still dump some of my darker observations here, but I really won’t have the same focus as before.

Welcome to the new, more visual Observations.

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