Late Summer 2014

The world is in a critical state.

Well, perhaps we should say the human world is in dire shape; I imagine the geological world will do fine for another billion years or so. I suppose if one looks at the Hell humans have unleased on the planet measured in the scale of mountain lifecycles, it doesn’t make us look too evil.

Even so, though I do not believe in a jealous, vengeful god that will make things Right, that lack of belief doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the idea of such a force fixing us up good, nor how much I would agree with and shamefacedly accept the absolutely cruel judgment so deservedly coming to our wretched species.


Life is fairly good (for me). I have love, and I have means, even if I don’t have hope. It’s still better than the alternative.

And around me is so much Life. The spaces we occupy are so full of things alive and dead and in-between, but after a brief period of appreciation for them–our childhoods, however long (short) they may be–most of our lives are lived amongst them oblivious. (Even that sentence implies a separation that doesn’t exist. Yes, I’m not impervious to our species’ narcissistic myopia.) We forget to look upon our surroundings, regardless how humble, as the incredible manifestations of Being they are once childhood passes us. These images are my attempt to somehow return to that rightful wonder. They were shot with a long lens in a restricted area to demonstrate just how great all This is. Not all in focus, just like Life.

Probably missed it, but I like these pictures, anyway.