You’re going to see a lot more of this….

People are trying to get into Europe, and they’re dying in trucks doing so:

This is not going unnoticed, of course, and people far more eloquent that I are writing about it.

Cases like these don’t qualify as instances of “internal migration” (unless, if you believe as I do, that this planet belongs to all of us and none of us, and that each of us is a sovereign individual, a global citizen, then it does, but that seems to be stretching it a bit when it comes to talking about issues like this.) But “migration”, internal or otherwise, will be a concern as things spin down. The 50 dead in that truck were obviously betrayed by the “mule” trying to smuggle them into Euroland. I anticipate a lot more of that moving forward as things descend: desperation will be preyed on by the greedy, and trucks of bodies will pile up as human life gets cheaper by the minute.

What about migration in general? Specifically, what about “internal migration”?┬áDuring the Dust Bowl/Depression years here in the US, there WAS internal migration, and it caused problems. Imagine that on a global scale with a population three times the size of what existed in the 1930s, and you can start to see where are the wars we’ll be experiencing the rest of our lives will come from.

Yeah, about that rate hike…

…there isn’t going to be one.

Indeed, it’s likely we’ll see QE4 before we see a bloody .25% rate hike from the Federal Reserve.

Which means what broke seven years ago, and remains unfixed, will continue being unfixed for maybe…until they roll the tanks into the streets? With Jade Helm here in the US, they’re already doing that, for “practice”.

Found this nifty graphic that captures the stupidity of how the Owners are keeping all the balls in the air:



But who am I kidding? I’m just like everyone else, hoping the sky won’t fall on me.

We’ll find out soon enough on where, how and on who it lands, methinks.